Traffic Management

Please obey the statutory 60km/hr speed limits at Ballymacar and Glenmore

The next phase of construction at Glenmore will be in mid January 2018 – Phase 3 traffic switchover.

The following temporary traffic measures will be coming into effect shortly:-

  • Arnestown – L4021-1 – To facilitate construction of overbridge and realignment of road.

Temporary Traffic Management Updates

Road Closures:-

  • L8048-1  Creaken Upper Road realignment – See link here (B06) 3rd October 2017 to 15th December 2017. Diversion in place.
  • L8049-1  Camlin – See link here (B05) 18th October 2017 to mid-January 2018.  Diversion in place.
  • L4021-1 Arnestown – See link here (B09) 8th January to 30th March 2018 – Diversion in place.






  • A section of the L7512 at Pink Rock, Kilkenny is currently closed and a signposted diversion route is in place. This closure will remain in place until June 2018 with access for local traffic only.
  • A section of the N25 at Ballymacar is currently diverted. This diversion will remain in place until May 2018.
  • A section of the L4021 Arnestown Road is currently diverted. This diversion will remain in place until January 2018.
  • A section of the L4013 Lacken South is currently diverted. This diversion will remain in place until March 2018.
  • N25 at Glenmore – diversion in place at present. Next phase of Traffic Management switch over to Phase 3 in mid January 2018.

The following roads are open to traffic on temporary surfacing under traffic management .

4086-2 – Creakan            4008-3 – Ryleen            4026-2 – Stokestown            4026-1 – Stokestown            4007-3 – Lacken North

Please be aware that these roads are under Advisory Speed Limit of 55 Km/Hr and motorists are asked to drive with caution.


PLEASE NOTE that with all temporary traffic diversions, there will be some adjustment to road layouts at the start and end of the planned diversion dates. This is to allow the diversions to be set up and changed over to new lanes. We will endeavour to keep these times to a minimum, but some are more complicated and as such, could take more time.

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated.

Plant Crossings

Please be aware that Plant Crossings are in place at the following local roads:-

Wexford –  L4026 :    L4021-2:  L80434:  L4013-2:  L4007-3:  L4003-3

Kilkenny – L7514